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Build your business application with Angular. Are these the features you are looking for? 馃憞


Secure and complex client onboarding made simple.

Back Office Teams

Multi-disiplinary teams and workflow to process client and business data.

AI & Business Functions

Intelligent business applications to help streamline your business.

Reporting Services

Fixed and ad-hoc reporting so you always have the data you need.

Digital Signatures

Easily collect digitally signatures from services such as Docusign.

Identity Checks

Perform client identity checks using services such as YOTI.


Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Voip and Video Calls.

Integrations & APIs

Create SaaS APIs and integrate with your existing systems.


We have experience in a wide range of industries including: legal, banking, transport, construction and the NHS. Do you need a high quality bespoke application for your business that delivers a very specific set of features that must be tailored to your exact requirements? Does your new business application demand the latest technology stack, the best user experience, high performance, security and scalability? If so, then we recommend looking at how an Angular based application can help you achieve your goals.

Angular is one of the most popular technologies for building complex business applications.

Forget Off-the-shelf software. Our applications are built to meet your actual requirements rather than having to put up with a one size fits all. Angular is one of the worlds leading frameworks for building a wide variety of business applications. Its flexibility means that you can build just about any type of business application, and it is one of the most popular frameworks for building enterprise applications. Angular is a great choice for building applications that require a high level of security, performance and scalability.

B2C Client/Customer Applications
Elevate your customer experience to new heights by effortlessly onboarding new and existing clients. Tailor the data processing to meet your specific business needs, resulting in a personalized touch that your customers will appreciate. With our applications, you'll seamlessly manage identities and documents while improving communications. Experience streamlined reporting, billing, and payments, reducing overhead and boosting customer satisfaction. Plus, your dedicated team will have efficient access to client data, empowering them to deliver unparalleled service. Our B2C Client/Customer Applications aren't just about ticking boxes鈥攖hey're about enhancing relationships, driving customer loyalty, and delivering outstanding business services for your customers.
Bespoke Business Applications
Transform your business with our bespoke business applications tailored specifically to streamline your operations and catalyze growth. Benefit from enhanced productivity, improved decision-making, and significant cost savings. With our applications, you gain a competitive edge, able to adapt swiftly to market changes and customer needs. Unlock your business potential and drive innovation, all while maximizing efficiency. These bespoke applications aren't just tools鈥攖hey're your trusted partners in business success. Stop using off-the-shelf software that doesn't meet your needs, and start using a bespoke application that is tailored to your exact requirements.
SaaS Applications
Utilizing Angular, one of the most popular frameworks for building SaaS solutions, supercharges your business into a dynamic player in the digital marketplace. Angular cloud-compatibility negates the need for a bulky physical infrastructure, thus reducing overheads. Its dedicated support ecosystem ensures smooth operation of these systems, freeing your resources to focus on your core business tasks. The impressive security and compliance attributes of Angular-based solutions foster a high level of trust among your users, enhancing customer loyalty and retention.
Choosing to leverage Angular in your SaaS solutions brings a host of benefits that can revolutionize your business offerings. Angular robust platform enables the rapid development and deployment of your services, significantly reducing time-to-market. These Angular-built platforms boast incredible scalability, designed to support your business growth and allow for the seamless onboarding of an ever-expanding customer base.
PWA and Mobile Applications
Expand your digital reach and boost user engagement with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Mobile Applications built using Angular. The flexible architecture of Angular empowers the development of PWAs, which combine the best features of both web and mobile apps. By leveraging these applications, your business can deliver a fast, reliable and engaging user experience across all devices, enhancing customer satisfaction.
PWAs offer seamless offline functionality, ensuring uninterrupted access to your services even without an internet connection. Moreover, these applications are installable on users' devices, providing an app-like experience without the hassle of app store submissions. With built-in features for push notifications and background updates, PWAs are designed to increase user engagement and drive conversions.
Mobile applications developed with Angular ensure high performance and a consistent user experience across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Harnessing the power of Angular, you can provide personalized experiences to your users, driving user loyalty and customer retention. These applications also leverage the device capabilities to provide features such as geolocation, camera access, and accelerometer use, further enhancing the user experience.
Whether it's a Progressive Web App or a mobile application, Angular focusus on speed, performance, and scalability will ensure your business can meet the demands of your users, delivering a top-notch digital experience that sets your business apart. These PWA and Mobile applications are more than just digital touchpoints鈥攖hey're your gateway to a global audience, expanding your business reach and growth potential.
Single Page Applications
Unlock the power of Single Page Applications (SPAs) built with Angular, enabling you to provide a seamless, app-like user experience on the web. SPAs load once, and then dynamically update as users interact, eliminating the need for constant page reloads. This unique feature dramatically reduces server load and improves performance, resulting in a faster and smoother experience for your users.
But the benefits extend beyond performance. With Angular Server-Side Rendering (SSR) capabilities, your SPA also gets a significant boost in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SSR ensures that your application's content is fully visible to search engine crawlers, enhancing your visibility and presence in search engine results.
Moreover, Angular SPAs are easily maintainable and scalable, allowing you to adapt swiftly to evolving business needs. They offer a greater degree of flexibility in UI/UX design, allowing for a more engaging and user-friendly interface.
In essence, Angular Single Page Applications combine efficiency, performance, and SEO benefits to create an engaging user experience, a streamlined development process, and enhanced online visibility. Get ready to redefine your web presence with Angular SPAs.

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Our process starts with a free consultation and follow up questions to determine estimated price. If you decide to move forward, a detailed proposal and contract will be delivered and our team will then produce a detailed design and development plan. Once the plan is approved, the development process will begin. Regular updates are provided daily and your feedback will be used to make necessary changes and adjustments. Once the product is complete, we will provide you with a warranty and support plan.

Price Estimate and Timeline
We cover introduction and explore your project requirements so we can produce an estimate and timeline.
Proposal and contract
We will provide you with a formal fixed price quote, detailed proposal and contract for your review and approval.
Agile Development & Delivery
Using Agile methods, we will provide you with regular updates and will work with you to make sure you are happy with the final product.
Support and Maintenance
A support and maintenance plan will be provided to you to ensure your application is kept up to date, backed up and running smoothly.